Computer Retropie Machine

Im trying to create a entertainment system without using the Raspberry pi system to help cut costs. How can we install the system on to a computer so its the default OS.


Hey Mate,
Check out this link for some info on an open-source retro game emulation station perfect for old pcs.

Hey Aidan,
Thanks very much!
I had a look at the site you gave me… currently its still very much in the development stage. I was looking for a more stable solution as this project will be in an area that will be used by heaps of people. thus we cant have anything crash or glitch :slight_smile

Ahh of course, well Lakka is a great OS for this very purpose! Obviously the project is open source (perhaps what you mean by in its development) but I personally use Lakka on an old HP laptop at home and it works extremely well. Any crashes or glitches (the few there are) would be similar on a RetroPi system and the fix is usually a quick power on/off.

Another linux emulation system you could take a look at is RetroRig,, but the setup steps may be a little more involved!

Thanks very much Aidan.
I will have a more detailed look at Lakka… So another question is … is LAKKA the only OS on your computer? or do you still open windows and then open LAKKA?

i would need it to be a system that starts up straight with the gaming system.

Straight into the OS of course!

how do you do that??
do you have an how to or somewhere i can find it??

Just follow the links within