Cr-10s Pro V2 - max temp 300

hi, so I have been printing for a month now since having a rocky start and have a good handles on things. I’ve upgraded to a glass bed and a Micro Swiss all metal hotend, I’ve even bought an enclosure to attempt some poly carb printing… Thing is… my machine is only showing a 260 Max temp. I’ve emailed with micro Swiss and they tell me the hotend is good for 300 I just need to update my firmware…

so I’ve spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how… and I am pretty good with computers but can’t get a straight answer on how to update my max temp on the CR-10s Pro v2 to 300… I am also on a Mac… but can get a PC to use if need be

any help or information would be Grealy appreciated… many thanks!


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Hey Kian,

Polycarbonate is a tough material to try to print with but it definitely seems like your well on your way, the one thing I would check once we get your CR-10s Pro v2 printing to a higher temperature would be making sure the filament tubes won’t melt from the heat coming off the extruder head.

So the Creality firmware doesn’t allow you to increase the 260 max temperature for safety reasons but if your happy your machine can take the heat :slightly_smiling_face: the newest Marlin Firmware should allow you to increase the temperature.

So the goal from here is to update the firmware to the most recent Marlin. This video will give you a good grounding and also tell you where to get the most recent firmwares.

This is an excellent page to see how to update the firmware which will make more sense once your up to speed with the Marlin firmware lingo. You will find this on that page too.

When your setting up the max temperature in the new firmware you used to have to set your max temp in like this. Although I believe things are different now. Just in case now you know.

Good to hear from you again and glad you are getting a handle on it all. And using a mac shouldn’t cause any issues.

Kind regards,



awesome!! thank you! I was hoping you’d be the one replying,. I’ll work on it this weekend,.,…,. and let you know!! cheers again