Flexystruder - Chassis cracked, hex hot end cooling fan fell off

Hi! My brand new flexystruder tool head cracked at the hot end cooling fan and I can’t find a .stl to reprint this component.

Details: The corner of the flexystruder chassis where the mini-blower fan that cools the hex-hot-end mounts to the assembly cracked completely off, and the mini-blower was dangling by its wires from the assembly still attached to a corner-shaped chunk of green plastic. (in this instance, the “chassis” refers to the semi “L”-shaped component that the motor, gear and aluminum hot-end spacer plate assembly sits - i.e. the “L” shaped piece top of that mounts to carrier plate on the X-axis travel bars that all the cooling fans mount to).

Note: I had a serious surf on the web - the only replacement component part .stl files I could find required new fans (which may or may not require tinkering with cooling rates)

As I purchased this component new and have only used it for 5-7 prints (and generating a the proper replacement component in CAD could turn into a time consuming iterative process), is it possible to provide a replacement chassis part or to provide me with the appropriate stl so I can re-print my own?

Thank you so much & Cheers!

Hi @Malcolm19852,

It would be best to take a photo of the actual product and shoot an email to support@lulzbot.com - include the specifics printed on the back of the toolhead (product code / serial) and they’ll get you back on track in quick time.

Lulzbot sent me the correct .STL for the part straight away - I think the issue was that it was hidden in an unexpected folder in their development directory (i.e. the “extruder_mt_fangtooth-guppy_v0.5.stl” they sent me for this component was actually located in their “Fangtooth guppy” folder here https://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/fangtooth_guppy/stl/ instead of in the expected “kanyu” folder here https://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/kanyu/production_parts/printed_parts/ ).

They recommended printing with a 0.25mm layer height and 75% infill. Hopefully back up and running later this evening when the print comes off the bed!

Do you have any recommendations for replacing the embedded threaded nuts where the fan attachment bolts screw into?



Glad to hear you’re on track!

@Aidan probably would, although he’s likely going to be hard to get hold of on Australia Day! Perhaps shoot Lulzbot a quick reply, they’ll certainly help out.