GPS - 13670 (GPS Receiver GP-735) connectivity to the Electron

I am looking to connect the GPS-13670 to the Electron via a breadboard.
The Electron is on a breadboard and I want to connect the GPS to the breadboard.
Q1: Can I use the PRT-10361 - JST SH Jumper 6 wire Assembly - 8” to do this?
Q2: Will the 6 free-ends directly plug into the breadboard or do we need additional hardware for the pin ends?

Hi Anitha,

Thanks for your message. PRT-10361 is the perfect fit for that GPS module.

You have a few options for wire -> breadboard. My favorite is to use straight headers, tin the wire, bend into C-shape and then solder to the ends of the short-end of the headers (leaving the long side for use in breadboards). Finicky, yes, but cheap and effective!

Yep, soldering header pins works a treat. Always good for a quick, reliable fix.