Gravity: Digital Wireless Transmit Switch (433MHz) (TEL0140)

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“Gravity: Digital Wireless Transmit Switch (433MHz)”

Wireless switch with strong penetrability and easy expansion…

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Hi, can I trigger an Adafruit fx Sound board with a Rf digital wireless switch (remotely)? I am guessing I would need to use a chip to invert the signal from high to low, so it can work with the sound board. I have seen a set up with the Rf 315mhz receiver online but the 433mhz is not in stock, so I am looking at the digital as an alternative, plus I want to utilise several buttons to trigger different pins on the sound board.

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Hi Rosalyn,

Very sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Rather than using a chip that just inverts the signal you could use this mux to short a pin from the FX board to ground connecting the S1,2,3 pins to the wireless digital module (1 spare for the NC pin on the mux).
If you leave the 0 pins of the mux not connected you’ll still have 14 available channels!