Help with flashing older image with Pi 3B+

I have Pi Model 3B+ it boots up correctly when I use the Bullseye OS (32 and 64) but when I did as said in the article for Buster OS the green light just keeps flashing and nothing happens. Please let me know what could be the reason.

Hi Aryan,

Welcome to the forum, is there any pattern to how the light flashes? And if you put Bullseye back onto your Pi does that still work?

Hello Jack!
Yes, there are about 5 slow green light flashes and then about 6 rapid, stops for a while, and then this repeats. The red light stays on all the time. I thought it was a problem with my power supply, but when I flashed the Bullseye OS back it started working normally.

Glad to hear that it works on Bullseye. The pattern the led flashes indicates an error. I’m reading this article and this article and they both point towards a power supply issue.

What are you using to power your Pi?

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I’m using a 5V/2A adapter ( mobile charger actually). I thought since it works on Bullseye it should be fine. Should I get the official 5V/2.5A adapter?

Raspberry Pi’s can be quite picky when it comes to powering them. An official PSU may work.
The charger you are using may be limited with the cable you are using also but I don’t see why Bullseye would work and Buster wouldn’t in this scenario.
This forum post also discusses it but no one here then tested with an official PSU.

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I see. Anyways, I would go ahead with the official adapter (at least what I think it is) and see if it works, 'cause I absolutely need Buster to work as there is no support facial recognition on the Bullseye OS.
Thank you very much for your help!!

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No luck. :sob:
Sorry to keep bothering you, but do you happen to know any other source I might get the Buster OS image from (I simply don’t understand why it’s not working).Again with Bullseye OS, it works, or is there any other imager better optimized for custom images(I’m using Raspberry Pi Imager V1.8.4)?

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Hi Aryan,

Balena etcher is another program thats excellent for flashing images.

The link Index of /raspbian/images
on Tims guide is direct from Raspberry Pi themselves so should work with official harware, would it be possible to get a photo of your setup for a sanity check?


Hello. I did look up an article about the newer Raspberry Pis not supporting older software, but it was suggested to change the firmware (I don’t know how to do that). Some of friends made it work using the Bullseye OS using LBPH face recognizer, but I forgot the version since it isn’t there in newer OpenCV versions. Here’s a photo of my setup, I am back to using the 5V/2A power adapter.

It may be worth a go with a more capable power supply @Aryan263265 - we just don’t know at this point.

Official supplies deliver 5.1V to account for voltage drop in the cable. I also wonder if the USB cable pictured can actually handle 2A

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Actually I did use the official Raspberry Pi power adapter (well not official but it was 5V/3.0A from element14) and that didn’t work as well. If you say the OFFICIAL power adapter I can get it here in India. This third party power adapter was actually sold to me when Amazon showed the pics of the official adpater in the description.