Parts-match for Raspberry Pi Arduino Plant Watering System


I’m very new to this field of engineering, but very eager to learn.

Having already purchased a Raspberry 4 8GB Startker Kit from Core Electronics last week, I’d like to now follow this Plant Watering System tutorial: DIY Raspberry Pi Arduino Plant Watering System - YouTube

The Tutor specifes her (apparatus) just below the Comments section. I already have the majority of the components, but I believe that if I purchase 6 particular components from Core Electronics, I should be ‘good-to-go’.

Just wondering if someone could please review my (attached) part Table, and advise whether or not I’ve selected the correct/workable Core Electronics components? The main query I have is whether I can get away with the cheaper (non-Arduino brand) microcontroller (first hyperlink)? But I would also like, if possible, someone to confirm if I’ve mached the remaining 5 required components, correctly or if I should consider any potential issues, e.g. the listed Core Electronics specs for the Water Pump are slightly (?) higher than the listed specs that the Tutor is using?

Kind regards


And here is the Table that I accidentally forgot to attach …
H20’ING SYS PARTS.pdf (100.0 KB)


Hi Ben,

Great project to get your thumbs dirty PS: I’m keen to see what you make with that Pi as well.

Yeah, the two different Arduino boards electrically will be the same, its just that the Official Arduino are guaranteed to work with all of the support material (both will work though).

Yeah, all of the parts look good to go, one recommendation that I would have is swapping out the 9V battery plug adapter for this adjustable plugpack that will let you keep the project working a lot longer.

You might have to make a few changes to your code here and there but the project will end up the same, if you need a hand with any of it we’re here to help! :smiley:


Thanks Liam

I’ve ordered the components. Regarding the power supply, I found a 9V mains supply at my home, so I’ll use this if required. But thanks for bringing the consideration to my attention.

After this mini project, I’d like to play around with these projects also - Raspberry Pi Projects - YouTube - , so that ultimately, in few months time, I can start wrapping my head around concepts of this calibre:



Hi Ben,

Looks awesome, I’d also suggest taking a look over on the Projects section of our website:

Let us know if you need a hand with anything!