Lulzbot Taz 6 Retraction Speed & Amount for ABS

Hi Everybody,

Keen to get some feedback on what setting people are using for retraction settings (ie. speed, amount, are you using coast to end or extra restart distance?) when printing with ABS. I seem to still get very small amount of dimples on prints at the start of some layers. I have played around with retraction settings to smooth this out however struggling to find the perfect setting.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey Schneider,
Thanks for getting in touch! I have done some experimentation in Cura with retraction in the past and I have noticed that experimenting with the Retraction speeds (under Advanced in the Cura Full Settings View) can be quite helpful.

The default settings for retraction seem to be adequate for our ABS prints (these are the settings you find in the expert menu beside the Enable Retraction Checkbox).

Alternatively, you can try lowering your Retraction acceleration settings on your printer, via the printer control menu.

I’d be eager to hear what other people are using for their retraction settings though!