M9n restart tips

Are there any tricks to restarting a M9N GPS module?
Mine was running for a week but now will not restart [power led on] but no gps o/p or 1 second led.

Hi Rick,

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It looks like it might not be connecting to any satelites, have you verified that there are any possible connections from another device (there may be some apps you can use on your phone).

I found all this info over on Sparkfuns website: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/sparkfun-gps-neo-m9n-hookup-guide

Let us know how you go!


Hi Liam,

thanks for the reply.

I look forward to the forums as a good resource.

I have just located the problem [you were right, it wasn’t seeing any satellites] the adaptor lead between the module & the antenna had gone o/c.

I have just installed another cable and all is well.

It seems that the thin cable/connector is a bit more fragile than I thought.

BTW I am amazed at the sensitivity of the receiver.

Thanks again.



mob 0418 398 332

sat 0145 126 133





Hey Rick,

Glad to hear it, if you’d like to write any kind of review for the part please let us know at support@coreelectronics.com.au it’d be much appreciated and help assist other project creators to choose to use this part in there work. Have a great day!

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