Matrix Display RGB LED Screen Required

Hi all,
Building a Hot Air Balloon RC, Around the basket i would like to have no bigger than 90mm long by 60mm High ideally a Flexible Matrix Display whereby i can write a message like “Happy Birthday” & it can go round the basket whilst the balloon is in the air.

Would greatly appreciate all the help need something Light easy to add messages & change

Also looking for a Bluetooth MP3 Decoder board wireless audio receiver decoding player module support FM Radio aux TF Card U-disk USB so i can use my mobile to listen to music. Ideally want both these items to run off the same battery
Thank you

Thanks Will M: [Phone number]

Hi Will,

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It might be a bit hard to keep the weight down since the batteries required to run the display microcontroller and audio board will require a decent discharge rate.

I managed to track down this addressable display that is a little too large for the basket but would be perfect otherwise if you can spare a bit of room.
We also stock this matrix here that is 65 by 65 mm. Both use a version of the WS2812 which allow for individual control of the LED’s

To control the displays you will need a good microcontroller, I would recommend checking out the ESP32 or Raspberry Pi Pico(quite hard to get a hold of at the moment), I wasn’t able to track down any drivers that essentially plug and play. It might be worth asking an LED sign manufacturer for such boards.

In regards to the Bluetooth board, were you looking for an Audio streaming board I would check out this board here that features an amplifier, just note that the battery size will depend on the speakers that you go with and the required power to supply the battery with. You can certainly use a voltage converter to use another battery but you will have to make sure that you are able to source the power from the batteries (available power = current* voltage* efficiency of the converter, it’s also good to leave a safety factor of around 1.5 for hobby projects).

A LiPo battery should be able to provide the current required and also the voltage after being passed through a boost converter.

PS: I have removed your phone number due to privacy reasons.

More than happy to answer any other questions you have!

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