Nothing Opening In Retropie Configuration Are

I bought a retropie gaming kit and now I have just tried change my background in retropie but when I try open up any of the 13 things in the configuration are nothing loads. Is There Anyone That Can Help Me. See photo to know what area I am talking about.

Hey, @Anthony44207 - sounds pretty frustrating.
During the initial boot are you certain that you’ve bound a key to the A (launch) button? If you’ve bound the up/down arrows but somehow missed binding the A button that might explain why nothing opens.

hey I have bounded the A button when I click on something it loads up all the lines of code and text and then after it is done it doesn’t actually load anything thing. It just goes back to that initial screen.

Hi Anthony,

Sounds like A is somehow triggering a reboot, which is very unusual. If you are unsure how you’ve landed into this rather unique configuration then bear in mind you can download RetroPie and install a fresh copy. We’ve even put a guide together for it.

Hi Anthony,
Sorry for any confusion there. What you’ll need to do is follow Michael’s tutorial on repairing your SD card.

Once you’ve followed that you can write a fresh copy of RetroPie onto your card. Download the RetroPie image for your Pi 3:

Then you’ll need to download Win32Disk imager to write that .img file to your SD card:

Then you should have a fresh copy of RetroPie, fixing any of those issue you were having.