PCb recommendations for smart glasses

Hey guys,

I’m new here, I am installing a smartwatch software onto a pcb or raspberry pi that will then connect to a little screen i made

So I need something that can boot this software, have a usb charger that can hold power, wifi and Bluetooth and a fpc connection to my little screen.

This project will eventually have integrated facial recognition, data showing on both lenses, 24/7 RECORING backed onto a 2tb server and many more features

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Hey William
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Smart glasses sound like an awesome project, I have seen a series of videos from a YouTuber called Zack Freedman that has been making a wearable computer with a few iterations of the device. From what I remember from his series, he has gone more the route of using preexisting smart glasses technology and effectively cannibalising the parts and functions he needs to get it working the way he wants it.

It’s worth checking out his videos on the wearable computer as they would be a great form of information on this topic.



I just came across this one: Talking Smart Glass For Blind - Share Project - PCBWay
I do not think it is easy to wear and user-friendly. But the looking glass-shaped PCB is something that caught my eyes. You can make such a PCB featuring Raspberry Pi Pico and other components.

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Hi William,

On top of Zack Freedman I’d also check out this sick Ironman helmet with inbuilt human detection: Iron Man Helmet: 3D Printed with Functional HUD! - YouTube

Its significantly more bulky than a pair of glasses, but thats the price you pay for all of that processing power!