Pi Zero W with SHIM DAC

Good afternoon. Question for the masses.

Wanting to purchase the Pimoroni Audio DAC SHIM with the hammer pins for my Pi Zero W. What I am not 100% sure about is the right case to fit the zero and shim.

Looking at the shim page it says it should fit any case that will fit the zero with pins.

I take it then that the FLIRC Raspberry Pi Zero Case should fit this fine. I would have to drill a hole for the line out plug though.

Is this a good case or is there another in stock which you would recommend.

Essentially setting up a wireless airplay receiver for the car.

Many thanks


Hi Kurt,

I’ve got one of those DAC shims, and with the shim pressed all the way down, it looks like the connector is actually shorter than the pins. Not sure if the pins fit in a FLIRC case, so maybe one of the core guys can grab one and measure it?



Hi Kurt,

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

The FLIRC case will not fit a Pi Zero with a HAT as the top half of the FLIRC case is shaped to make contact with the top of the Pi Zero CPU so it can be used as a heatsink.

Other Pi Zero cases that enclose the entirety of the GPIO header pins may work (once you cut out a hole for the line out jack) as @James84823 said the DAC shim can sit below the top of the GPIO pins.
Anything with a cutout for the GPIO will likely be trying to use the top of the case as a heatsink so it occupies the same space as the DAC shim.


Welcome Kurt!

A case that I use every time I set up something with the Zero/Zero W is the Slim Cases we make in-house.
The harsh environment inside the car will test every case, acrylic should be able to hold its shape until about 100 degress C so should be good.

If you’re after a metal case let us know!


Looking at the case variants, it looks like the official pi zero w case may be the easiest to work with.

The slim in-house one, there is no space above the memory card for the line out plug. Same with the pibow case.

With the official one I should be able to slice the plastic for the line out to fit.

Wish I had my 3d printer setup to print PETG. could have designed my own :stuck_out_tongue: