Picade 10” controls not working in mame


I’ve just built a 10” Picade and love it. Unfortunately I’m having issues running games in mame. I’m getting the in-game menu popping up when pressing normal keys like B. The buttons seem to work, but do this extra incorrect behaviour too. For example, in Street Fighter II, if I press the B button, it does a punch and also displays the in-game menu, e.g. Input (general), Input (this game) etc and also adds a coin credit. If I press A, it pops up with Watchpoints On.

If I open the command line with F4 on a connected keyboard, I can use the joystick to move up/down/left/right and the A/B map to ctrl and shift etc, so all that seems correct.

Key map as follows:


Raspberry Pi 3B
RetroPie 4.7.1 (fresh image download)

Games tried


I haven’t done any custom configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated please.



Hi James,

This is a tricky one!

The HAT is basically just passing on the button presses to GPIO pins on the Pi, so there’s little room for error there provided you installed the right software.

So you’re absolutely sure nothing is funky about your wiring? I know these kits come with harnesses that make it basically impossible to mess up, but it’s worth mentioning.

Have you double-bound your keys in MAME?

Keen to get to the bottom of this one!


Thanks @James. It turned out to be a bit of A and a bit of B. I had 2 wires wrongly plugged in (select and start mixed up) and accidentally double-bound the keys in mame.

Cross linking the post on pimoroni forum for more details.

Thanks for your help