Raspberry Pi 3 Model A not booting up

I just bought a brand new Pi3Model A, and it won’t boot up. It’s hooked up to a 5.2V power adapter, yet nothing shows on the HDMI output it’s connected to. There’s a red light on for PWR on the board, but the green ACT never turns on.

What gives?

try an official power supply the voltage may be the problem really there a 5 volt device…the extra point one of a volt is just over head to cover cable length losses…make shure your media is verified…you may also need to re-flash your sd-card,??..do you have an sd-card …?

my advice first drop the voltage to 5.1 volt…

HDMI issues generally make shore that the rpi is the only device hooked to the screen…

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Hey John,

Welcome to the forum, Brian’s spot on the money with those few initial troubleshoots. Step through those and if you have no luck we’ll look into something else!

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Hi John,

That’s quite unusual, have you been able to fix it? If you can please reply to your order confirmation email we’ll get this sorted out for you right away.

It’s been fixed, all good.


Hey John,

Thanks for getting back to us on this one. If you run into any more issues don’t hesitate to jump back on here!