Raspberry Pi 4B not booting?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB that doesn’t appear to boot. I see nothing on the TV using HDMI and cannot see it on the network.

When I turn it on all I see is the red light power light on and the network lights on. Nothing else happens. No signal over HDMI, no green light, no heat from the CPU (even after a few minutes).

The odd thing about the network lights is that they are always on - not flashing. At the other end of the network cable, the network lights for the switch flash rapidly. A tcpdump from another Pi (v1B) connected to the same switch sees no traffic.

It did work when I first got it. I just gave it a short test run from an SD card that my Raspberry pi 3B was using. Now when I use this SD card or any SD card it doesn’t work.

Is it bricked/dead?

Hi Luke,

It sounds like the uSD might have Raspbian Stretch on it (instead of Buster). Try run an update while inserted into the 3B+, or start fresh with a download from raspberrypi.org

I would recommend downloading a fresh copy of “noobs”, and creating a new bootable SD card.

Read the note on RPi4 not booting. Seems similar to what you are seeing.

Ensure your monitor is connected to the HDMI port closest to the USB C power connector, to see any boot messages.

Thanks for the replies. It was the OS I installed. I installed Raspbian using Noobs and it worked fine.