Raspberry Pi Camera Not Working

Hi there - I have recently bought a raspberry pi 3+ board (second one i have purchased in quick succession). However on this one, there seems to be an issue with the camera port - in that it does not read images from the camera sensor.

I have the latest raspbian jesse image (installed from NOOBS).
I am using the official power supply,
Have enabled the camera connector in raspi-config.

But keep getting the following message (no data received from the sensor) when i issue the raspistill command: raspistill -v -o test.jpg

What leads me to think that its a faulty raspberry pi board is that when i use my other raspberry pi 3+ board with:

  • Same microsd card image booted
  • same powersupply
  • same camera module (v2)
  • when i issue the raspistill command, the image is received from the camera successfully and stored on the card.

I have even tried re-seating the camera cable on the board multiple times to no avail.

If it is a board problem - what are the procedures for sending it back for a replacement?


Hi @Rennie66148,

You can’t get much better of a half-split then that. It only leaves the physical connector as a variable, and we can take a closer look if you like. Hit reply to your order confirmation email and go from there.