Raspberry Pi Not Loading - Stuck on a green screen

I have recently received a new Raspberry Pi 4 from Core Electronics. It came with a:

  1. Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard - Red/White
  2. Official Raspberry Pi Mouse - Red/White
  3. Official Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB Ram
  4. Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply
  5. Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen
  6. Official Raspberry Pi Micro-HDMI to Standard HDMI 8m Cable (x2)
  7. Official Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case
  8. Official Raspberry Pi 32GB MicroSD Card with NOOBS
  9. Official Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide
  10. Official Raspberry Pi Cooling Fan
  11. 3pc Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi 4
    I constructed it all together and when I plugged it into my TV for the 1st time it went straight to a ‘bootloader’ page:

    So I contacted Core Electronics and they told me to rewrite my MicroSD Card. I followed there instructions and now it has landed me on this green screen:

    This is how I have setup my Raspberry Pi:

    And I am just using the official HDMI cable in my TV (which came in the box)

    Core Electronics told me to post this here as it is a first for them.
    Thank you for all your help.
    CoderBoi :man_technologist:

Hey CoderBoi,

I know Oliver and I were both handling this one the other day, so you might have stepped through this already so sorry in advance if this is redundant, we just want to make sure we’re on the same page!

That first error page you sent means the bootloader is working as expected which is a good start! However as you can see in the bottom two lines on that page the board requires newer software.

It looks like you’ve attempted to flash the SD card with the most recent version of Raspbian, but that second image leads me to believe the OS install didn’t install correctly (I’d say it’s a hardware issue but we already know the HDMI port is working fine as it managed to display that first screen regarding the bootloader).

I’d try doing a fresh install, but I’m going to suggest using Raspberry Pi’s new Imaging tool, you can find a download here! Just pick the appropriate OS you are using from the list on the site.


This all in one tool lets you flash popular images like Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspbian), LibreELEC, Ubuntu etc. to an SD card.

I suggest flashing the card with Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) as shown below

Once you’ve done all that and reinstalled the SD card, get back to us on here!

Hi CoderBoi,

Just another quick thing to try; make sure your HDMI cable is fully inserted at both ends (looks like it could be a little loose in the TV). It’s likely a HDMI config issue which might be fixed with another reflash of the SD card, but definitely worth double checking!

Support | Core Electronics

Hi @Oliver and @Owen,
Hope you are all staying safe :mask: Thank you for all your help. I have reflashed my SD Card with the latest Raspberry Pi OS! It is all working and I ave wired it to my touch screen! Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:. One question :question: though. Can you get a back for the Raspberry Pi screen to protect all the wires on the back! Thank you for all your help
CoderBoi :desktop_computer:

There are a couple of cases for the screen you have:

There are also some community 3D printable options (check the comments etc before committing to a build)

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