Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module 3 'Camera Not Found' Errors

Hey Everyone,

We’ve been informed that some users have encountered difficulties and errors when initially installing the Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module 3. We understand that this can be frustrating and have been investigating the issue for some time.

Our general recommendation, which we find effective in most cases, is to perform a fresh installation of Raspberry Pi OS on the Pi’s SD card. Along with executing the standard sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade commands, this should enable the camera module to function correctly.

In instances where pre-existing Pi OS cards are used, we’ve discovered that updating the OS with sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade and subsequently rebooting the system using the sudo reboot command often resolves the problem. We found that rebooting is a vital step, as without doing so the issues relating to the camera module persist.

As a final measure, you may try updating Libcamera by running sudo apt install libcamera-apps. However, this should typically be unnecessary after a full update and upgrade.

From what we can tell, this issue seems to pertain to SD cards that were manufactured before the release of the Pi Camera Module 3 and has consistently shown various errors surrounding the camera not being found despite being installed correctly in the CSI port on the Pi itself.

We will continue to test and share any additional solutions we find in this thread.

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