Raspberry Pi Zero W burn

Hi all,

I have purchased a Raspberry Pi Zero W back in May. Did nothing since recieving it. So I just decided to run HASSbian on it yesterday.

First time booting HASSbian on it was fine (powered via my desktop USB port). Then have decided to burn a new image and try again (again, powered with the same USB port). It refused to boot and no LED indication at all. After 5 seconds, the processor decided to generate heat and started producing smoke.

My questions are:

  • Is this common with the Raspberry Pi Zero W?
  • Is there such thing as warranty for a Raspberry Pi Zero W?

Thanks for all your input.

Hi Loc,

Ah the magic smoke :frowning: What new image did you try and run?

Hi Sam,

It was just the same HASSbian image, but with different WiFi configuration :frowning:

Hmm that does seem strange. It’s most likely cooked at this point, but just for curiousity’s sake, could you try putting a fresh image of Raspbian onto your card and seeing what happens?

Hi Sam,

I have tried today, but still have the same problem :frowning:

Hi Loc,
Not a problem, could you shoot through an email in reply to your order confirmation with a link to this forum discussion and we’ll be able to go from there.

Thanks Sam, I will do that now.

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