Re-purpose Laptop LCD display

Hi All,
I’m just disposing of a couple of fairly ancient laptop… Long story short, no useful components… Except perhaps decent working LCD display panels.

I’ve duckduckgo’ed it and found the I need a controller specifically for my display. Is this the case? Looks fiddly, but can I hack it without going to that expense/trouble of finding the right one?

The laptop I’m looking at right now: HP pavilion dv4000.

Display panel: “Replace with HP spare: 383477-001 9i0591”
TSA 41.40E02.003-1 2# REV:A03 05.08.21D B

No idea which of that is pertinent information.

Hi Dave,
Very possible, The problem is you have got the HP internal product code. Typically if you can find the manufacturer code it’s easy to find an adapter board to HDMI. A lot of the modern laptop displays use a connection standard called LVDS which is very easy to find an adapter for but yours might be a little older. If you take a look for the manufacturer model number and then find a board on eBay that should work.

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