Replacing faulty switch on cement mixer

Hi there! I am looking for some help to find a replacement switch for a cement mixer. The mixer was stored outdoors for a couple of years and it seems when looking in the switch the connection is a little corroded and also the on/off mechanism doesn’t operate properly anymore (i.e. the on switch won’t lock in place). I’ve added some photos and would appreciate any help anyone can offer in terms of finding a replacement. The dimensions of the black box (excluding buttons) are approximately 40mm wide, 40mm high, 25mm deep. Thanks, James.

Hi James
The first thing I would do is get an electrician to check that wiring.
One of the several electrical wholesalers would be your best bet. BUT unless you have qualifications (which I doubt as you would know where to get a switch) my advice would be to leave it to someone who has.

So this is the only advice I would give. UNLESS YOU ARE QUALIFIED LEAVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO IS.

Too dangerous to go any further as any mistake could be fatal.
Sorry about that. Cheers Bob

Thanks Bob. I’ve got an electrician mate but I wanted to source the part before asking him to install it. Any assistance with sourcing options would be appreciated.

Hi James.
Your mate would be the best person to ask. But one of the electrical wholesalers should be able to help. I think they all sell to Joe Public but once again your mate would be your best bet.
Cheers Bob

Hi James,

I took a look, and it seems CK-1 is the key term here. I found some with a black face plate like yours, but narrowing the search to a 250V rated unit only got me yellow ones:

FYI Dick Smith are now owned by Kogan.

All the best with your search, and do heed Bob’s advice regarding qualifications, we can’t advise on anything past 50VAC, that’s likely why you won’t find a product like this in our store.