RTL8821 USB wifi driver

Trying to install driver for the dual band Wifi USB adapter fails.
The source for the driver is from github/whitebaman2 but fails on the make due to a redefinition of the struct sha256_state.

Has anyone found a fix?

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There’s a lot of dual band Wifi USB adapters on the market - which one specifically? Is that the OEM driver source?

The core product code is SKU:CE07335 and the driver is referred to as RTL8821CU.
There is no company name or model number.
I think the issue is some system files have changed and now it is not compatible


Looks like there’s a big red warning on that one about it : https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-dual-band-usb-wifi-adapter-with-antenna.html

It might be a bit of a pain in the bum to get it working - as in compiling a custom version of the kernel pain in the bum from my googling.

Here’s some links I found:


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Yes I think it best not to use this product for the PI4 anyone recommend extended range wifi device?

Not a plug and play option, but I saw this video the other day: