Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Smart Projector

With all my adventuring in Raspberry Pi this year, I've grown to appreciate the little green board and what it can do. I've got a long list of projects in mind for it and seeing other awesome Raspberry Pi projects just fuels that fire. So when I stumbled upon this Raspberry Pi 'smart projector', it sent my mind into overdrive, and just had to write about it.


The Raspberry Pi, of course, has multiple ways to output video, and this makes it perfect for all kinds of modern displays including HDMI screens and LCDs. Seeing the way that 'Novaspirit' uses the Pi Zero's small form factor to pack it into a projector is really cool, and the functionality to turn it into a mobile gaming setup with RetroPie is just too good.

Bear in mind, that if you could find a projector that could fit a Pi 3, you wouldn't need to worry about the USB hub or other soldering, you could simply use the native HDMI and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to create the ultimate portable rig.

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