Will pay money for Art project help

I will pay you to make a tutorial video
Can you please help me with my ART project

For my project I need to make a Raspberry Pi Play an HD 1080 video on start up/boot/ in full screen. The video will be roughly 15 minutes long and will play in a loop. It is very important that there is not a blank screen or any visual or audio gaps when the loop starts over (I have heard that some media player program have a noticeable delay between the end and the start of a loop). The video needs to load/start with the volume all the way down, then have a motion sensor trigger an automation of the volume parameter on the media player program to gradually go up/fade in to a set volume level (most likely full volume). The volume then needs to stay at a fixed/consistent level while the person is in front of the sensor. Then when the person leaves, the sensor triggers the automation of the volume parameter to gradually go down/fade out. If a person triggers the motion sensor before the volume reaches 0, I want the volume parameter to increase from the point it left off rather than start from 0. I will also need to install a power button.I want to send the audio to a large speaker. I am not sure what kind of speaker, hopefully a cheap used one that I can buy on craigslist. I don’t want to use a bluetooth wireless speaker.

I was thinking about using the headphone output jack on one of the Pi’s , then sending that signal to a speaker with a built in amp but those speakers can be expensive and are hard to find used. Plus I have read the audio out of the headphone jack isn’t as good as an amp? If I have to go this route I will. The other option is using an AMP HAT on my pi but those look like they cover all the pins, would I still be able to hook up the motion sensor to the pi? Also those AMP HAT’s will push my cpu harder right? use RAM? make my Pi get hotter so I would need a cooling system then?

I will not be using the raspberry pi as a desktop computer. The one video MPEG4 and possibly separate audio clip I add will be the only files ever played on this Raspberry. I will be saving the video file onto a micro sd card (not on a usb drive). After the initial setup and configuration the only ports I will be using is the HDMI port and audio out jack, no wifi. I want to just plug it in, then the video/audio/programs automaically play for hours/days. Then when I am done, just push the power off button and unplug the device. Sort of as if it was being used headless.

Questions I have.

  1. The Raspberry pi will be in non-stop use for hours, maybe days. I read that people have used raspberry’s in video art galleries for up to 4 days without over heating problems. But I also have read that people have installed cooling systems/heat sinks for certain models (perhaps older models?)and I have seen that many official retailers offer kits with cooling systems. And I also read that it is unnecessary and pointless to install heat sinks and cooling devices on a raspberry. Do some models get hotter than others? Will the heat reduce performance causing my video/audio to glitch or cause the programs to crash? Will the application I plan on using this for cause heating problems if it is in continues use? If for some reason I cannot accomplish my goal with one media player program and I have to run 2 applications, one playing the video, the other playing the audio, possibly another for the automation, will this be a problem for certain models to handle? Will 2GB of ram be enough for my project? Does the Raspberry Pi 3 model A+ get less hot and therefore better suited for my project? Is a 16gb micro sd card enough?

  2. Is what I am trying to do even possible on a raspberry pi ? I have not been able to find any tutorial about automating software parameter changes. Can you recommend any software to use for the automation? I know there are several different media player programs you can download to use as a video looper but can you recommend the one that has no noticeable gaps when restarting a loop? Will I need a breadboard, HAT? The motion sensor will be far away from the Raspberry pi and mounted onto a frame of some kind.

  3. I have not been able to find a tutorial video on how to code my Raspberry to do what I need it to do. Do you have any recommendations?

Can you please make a tutorial video to do what I am trying to do?

I will pay you!!!

There are guides to turn your distro into a read-only boot media. This means they will be less likely to suffer damage from a sudden loss of power.

Screenly is one option for the media playback.