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This post is connected with my RFI 21530.

I am trying to load the driver for a Dtech USB to RS422 converter onto my Asus laptop with operating system WinXP (+ package3).
The computer cannot find, or load the drivers provided on the CD.
The CD does contain a file titled i386.
When I try it on my other laptop using Win8 they load with no problem.
How do I load the drivers to the XP laptop??

G’day David. Looking at the products on our web site I think this might be the product you have: USB to RS422/RS485 Cable. Can you confirm?

We’re out of stock on that at the moment so I can’t grab one to see where on the CD the Windows XP driver is. Normally I’d suggest downloading a driver from the D-Tech web site but they don’t publish their drivers.

Could I ask you please to look at the size of the content on the driver CD and, if it’s small enough, could you please zip the entire disc and provide me a link to download it? One of these sites should work.


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Hi Chris
I have tried to send on DropCanvas but i dont see anything in my Sent file. Do you have it?

This should help you guys along

Thanks Adrian and Chris.
That last link I sent seems to work to get onto the files at Dropcanvas. However testing it at my end, Chrome says its malware and wont let me open the files. Maybe you can get around that??

Chris, just confirming correct. That is the USB to RS422 cable I have bought.

Any solutions yet? I checked on the drivers on the Dtechelectronics website but they do not list one for the DT/5019 for XP. Why not? Do they know the one on the CD doesn’t work?
I need to get this thing operational.

G’day David, apologies for the delay. Here’s what I anticipate things should look like at your end:

  • Plugging the device in to your Win XP computer will make it show up in Device Manager under Other Devices.
  • You should be able to right-click on the device and Update Driver
  • The next step will probably ask you if you want to search the machine or Internet for a driver, the option we want is to browse for files.
  • Once you can browse, you need to locate the folder on the CD called Windows_XP_Vista_Server_2003_Server_2008_2.08.24_WHQL_Certified. NOTE You shouldn’t have to choose a subfolder. We need to select the folder containing files ending in .inf. So, don’t open amd64, i386 or Static folders
  • Once you have clicked OK on the Windows_XP_Vista_Server_2003_Server_2008_2.08.24_WHQL_Certified folder, Windows should install the driver.

If Windows won’t install the driver, it’s possible another driver will suffice. Have a look at Per the note on the web site, you’ll have to download an old version of the driver:

“NOTE: Microsoft have ended support for certifying XP and VISTA through their WHCK test program. From revision 2.12.24 with Device Guard Support, the driver will not load on XP or VISTA”

I hope that helps David. Let me know how you go?

  • Chris.
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